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What I Teach

Drumset, Marching Percussion (Drumline), Concert Band, Auditions, Solo performances and much more!


Learn to read music!

I'll teach you to read the musical alphabet, which makes playing music fun. Letters form words and words form sentences. Sentences communicate ideas. Music has less letters than the alphabet but there is endless music to learn and express. Let me help demystify music for you. 


Drumset was my first musical instrument and my first love. However when I started I could not read music. Once I learned how to read music, playing drumset became easier to learn and play. I aim to make playing Drumset easier for you. 


Marching Percussion

Learning to play Marching Snare and Tenors can be a daunting task, especially alone. Maybe you are a Wind/String player that wants to make the Drumline. As a former Brass player, and as a Violinist, I understand the concepts that make the transition from one instrument to the next easier. Let me help!

Concert Percussion

Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel.....what's the difference? Book an in person lesson with me for an opportunity to play ALL of them! Hear the difference!


And so much more...

Click HERE to be redirected to my booking page. With the email you provide I will contact you about what to expect before your lesson.

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